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|Product content:
‧Royal Jelly Elixir Premium 1 box/30 packs, 3 boxes
‧Won HACCP international quality certification, ISO22000 international quality certification.

|Product Features:
‧Use 100% natural high-concentration high-quality royal jelly extract
‧Rich in 20 kinds of essential amino acids, B group, mineral trace elements
‧The secret of maintenance of celebrities, the most important amino acid maintenance technique
‧Beauty, youthful vitality, happiness against age
‧Relieve the discomfort of mature age, deep sleep.
‧Rich nutrients, high purity, fast conversion and good absorption
‧Exclusive low-temperature extraction activity technology to remove impurities and inducing factors to retain high activity
‧Good taste and easy to carry

‧High unit royal jelly protein converts small molecule amino acid
‧Nutrition supplement for elders, those who before surgery, after surgery, and postpartum
‧Eating after a meal promotes the digestion and decomposition of protein, oil, starch and sugar to reduce burden
‧Posture management, improve metabolism and improve the quality of nutrients in food
|Won National New Brand, National Quality Golden Globe Award, Taiwan Biotechnology Gold Award, Customer Satisfaction Gold Award
Top royal jelly extract, lactose, glucose, rich in more than 20 kinds of natural amino acids, mineral trace elements
(This product is a natural product, the color and taste will change with the production and season.)
3 grams per pack X 30 packs /box
How to eat:
General health care -1-2 packs each time before meals (reduction for children)
Strengthen health care-2-3 packs each time before meals and before going to bed
     ( This Product can be absorbed directly under the tongue or with water)
Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan
Professional recommendation by health manager!
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