Company Introduction

Founded in the early spring of 2014, it is the first green enterprise in Taiwan to promote and educate the people on the concept of "bath water purification". The core mission of the company is to "tell people to wash healthy water and embrace health". We look forward to delivering health and purity with love and good water.

The "ion Shower micro-bath water purifier" series has been recognized by the media as the "iPhone in the bathing world". In order to practice environmental friendliness,  pursuit a fast and convenient and simple lifestyle, the use of miniaturization technology removes the complex industrial methods and subverts the impression of traditional water purifiers. Combining the three main axes of medicine, technology and energy-"Tai Chi Stone" and other environmentally friendly materials, it purifies water impurities and removes chlorine layer by layer. Our shower head presented with a technology and fashion shower head design.


The brand concept and excellent product quality have been strongly favored by 7-11 Uni-President   Group,   Evergreen Group, Lion Travel and Cosmetology, and Medical Beauty SPA channels. In recent   years, we have   been actively cooperating with diverse Taiwanese high-quality products across   borders to jointly enhance the   brand connotation and work together to create the ultimate and pure   "green home health", fulfill corporate   responsibilities, give back to the society, and magnify happiness.


                                                              Brand Story

 In 2013, Dr. Chieh-Liang Lin, a toxicology expert, called for "the residual chlorine in tap water to   volatile   poisons and hot baths may cause cancer." Chairman of the board, the founder of E-purify,   who graduated from   the Forestry Department of Chung Hsing University and who likes to plant trees   and fish, has a special feeling   for nature, especially for water quality. Everyone knows that water must   be filtered before drinking. But "the   bath water must also be dechlorinated" was little known at the   time. So after learning about this important   concept, Chairman of the board began to collect a lot of   information. In fact, tap water contains residual   chlorine and heavy metals. These are potential   problems in daily life, including skin sensitivity, dry hair and hair  loss. These problems cause may also   come from the water used every day.




All these causes and fate have allowed him to invest in the bathing water purification market without hesitation. In 2014, he founded E-purify and established Taiwan's first green brand to promote the education "bath water purification concept". From raw material selection, regional water quality sampling to detailed design, insisting on hands-on, developed the first Taiwanese water purification of Asian water quality, 100% instantaneous dechlorination, removal of heavy metals, easy installation in 10 seconds, and can be taken with you. "Ion Shower Tai Chi Stone Mini Bath Water Purifier" subverts the common people's thinking that the shower head can only be used at home.


In the early days of the business, the first cross-border joint medical aesthetic clinic and dermatologist.

Committed to companies, major department stores and beauty spas to hold bathing and water purification seminars, investing a lot of effort and resources to deliver healthy and pure water with love. In the process, after experiencing the dilemma of not being favored by his peers and being rejected by the old-style channels, Chairman of the board still insisted on reverse thinking, instead constantly optimizing product performance and updating materials. From physical channels, medical beauty SPA and cosmeceutical channels to transformation of e-commerce, Chairman of the board have spared no effort, and E-purify have gradually emerged in recent years, established the brand name, aroused a lot of attention, and successfully embedded the concept of bath water purification in the hearts of customers and was praised by major media. As the "iPhone in the bathing industry", it has been highly praised and recommended by professional dermatologists, health managers and German international water quality experts.


"If you keep doing the right things, someone will see us!" This is the foolish spirit Chairman of the board upholds, taking from society, giving back to society, enjoying giving, and cherishing everything. E-purify, it is good for people to wash well with water and wash health. Sincerely invite you to accept this gift-health.