Light SPA Beauty Skin Lightwave Sunscreen Full-Efficacy Five-Piece Set|UV Protection Phototherapy Hat-copy

|Product Content:(1) Mask (2) Sleeve (3) Hooded jacket (4)Large-brim hat (5) Small-brim hat

|Product Description:
•Double layer, hexagonal honeycomb texture, Beneficial light through natural refraction .
•The highest sun protection level UPF50+, block 99% UV rays
•Super light, Breathable, Not stuffy
•Non-toxic, anti-allergic, environmentally friendly technology
•The unique weaving method does not cause the textile to fade due to long-term use, and will not affect the sun protection function.

•Through TTRI optical detection, the effective value of light wave reaches 400.
•Red light: cleansing skin, translucent white, anti-aging skin.
•Blue light: fine pores, balance and soothe the skin.
•Yellow light: increase collagen, reduce fine lines and spots.

|Washing instructions :
•Hand wash below 40 degrees.
•Hang in the shade to dry.
•Don’t dry clean. Don’t use the dryer. Don’t Bleach.
•Don’t use softener.、Don't iron

|Color: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue
Size:S, M, L, XL
Material: 50% Polypropylene fibers, 50% Polyester
|Origin: Taiwan
Light SPA Ultimate sun protection, Skin care products to wear!
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