【Colorlife】The top Gac fruit |Gac oil, lutein, German supercritical-copy-copy

|Product content:
‧Top Gac fruit 1 bottle/100 capsules
|The world's latest German supercritical extraction technology, quality assurance

|Product Features:
‧The only leading brand of Gac Fruit ─ strongly recommended by media experts
‧A treasure in the jungle-" Lipid carotene"
‧Beyond lutein, bright, clear and moisturizing
‧Plant fruit oil, small nano-molecules, high absorption rate
‧Comprehensive nutrients, higher density than normal fruits and vegetables
‧US FDA, SGS, Halal halal multiple international quality certifications

|Applicable objects:
‧3C users
‧Long-term readers
‧Those who are tired at work
‧Those who stay up late
‧Often eat out
‧Supplement for Seniors
極淨源股份有限公司 The only leading brand of Gac fruit
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