Laundry capsules|5-in-1 enzyme|Wash a basket of clothes with a laundry capsule 〈Six-Pack Set〉

|Product content:
‧Super performance fragrance laundry capsule, 1 pack/15 capsules, 6 packs
‧Comply with EU regulations. No triclosan, no fluorescent agent, no benzene, no formaldehyde

|Product Features:
‧100% anhydrous stock solution, just throw a laundry capsule
‧Water film does not stick to your hands, it will dissolve in water within 20 seconds
‧Anti-bacterial, deodorant, stain-removing and whitening, penetrate deep into fiber and quickly decompose dirt.
‧5 times concentrated, it will dissolve in water in 20 seconds.
‧SGS inspection, safe and not hurting the skin and clothes
‧Deeply clean, the clothes exude an elegant orange blossom fragrance

|5 concentrated enzymes
‧Mannan enzyme: accelerate the cleaning ability of stubborn dirt
‧Protease: decomposes milk dirt, blood stains and stains
‧Lipase: clean grease, lipstick and dirty collar
‧Cellulase: avoid dirt re-seepage, not easy to fluff
‧Amylase: remove starchy dirt
|Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan
極淨源股份有限公司 Wash a basket of clothes with a laundry capsule
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