UC® Refreshing Oral Mouthwash|Designated by oral authority

|Product Content: UC® Fresh Oral Mouthwash|Health Liquid 500ML 1 bottle
|Product Feature:
‧UC® gaseous chlorine dioxide patented antibacterial technology
‧30 seconds cleaning, moisturizing, and protection effect (With correct brushing habits)
‧360°remove bad breath
‧Food grade formula, mild and non-irritating to the oral mucosa (for children)
‧No pigment, alcohol, triclosan, no heavy metals, no carcinogen residues

|UC® Professional Technology Certification:
‧World Health Organization recommended technology
‧Exclusive German patented process, won the internationally certified invention gold medal technology
‧Passed the biocompatibility safety test report of China Medical University
‧Designated by oral authority.

‧Use in the morning and evening and after meals, it is recommended to use with the correct brushing habits.
‧10-20cc(one bottle cap) each time, gargle thoroughly for 30 seconds and then spit it out.
|Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan
極淨源股份有限公司 German exclusive patent, WHO recommended technology
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