MEGA Moisturizing Cleanser|Whitening Cleanser Set|Medical Beauty Grade, 300,000 bottles Sold

|Product Content:
‧ 1 bottle of MEGA Cleansing Mousse 150ml, i Beauty Facial Towel-Pink Powder (Large) 1pc
|Environmental protection-the most environmentally friendly physical makeup remover, the beauty towel can be reused, wash off with warm water to exfoliate

‧Designated by 6 major branches of aesthetic medicine clinical. Hot selling 300,000 bottles.
‧One bottle of cleansing and removing makeup in 30 seconds
‧Extremely moisturizing, after laser surgery, herbal extracts
‧Zero added alcohol, No pigment, No preservatives
‧Regulate sebum, deeply clean dirty pores, metabolize old stratum corneum
|Main ingredients:
‧PCA sodium moisturizing factor, glycosyl trehalose, cucumber extract, aloe extract
|How to use:
‧Press the foam, massage the face and neck, and then rinse with water
|i Beauty Beauty Towel
‧High-end Tai Chi stone combines medicine, technology and energy, and won the INCI certification of American cosmetics raw materials ‧Magic makeup remover wipes, which can gently moisturize and remove light makeup
‧Quickly absorb moisture, absorb oil and dirt in pores, and can be reused
‧Far infrared energy resonance improves the absorption of skin care products
‧Lightweight and portable, quick to dry and easy to clean
‧Short-fiber surface: Lightly rub the skin of the face to remove makeup and make it more translucent
‧Long fiber surface: deep cleansing by drawing circles, and metabolize old stratum corneum together
‧Material: 95% polyester fiber, 5% Tai Chi stone nano powder
‧Product specification: 30*24 CM
|Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan
極淨源股份有限公司 Medical Beauty Designated Brands
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