M.P.A NATTO Nattokinase|No. 1 in TV sales [original factory]-copy-copy

|Product Content:
‧M.P.A NATTO Nattokinase 1 box/60 capsules, 1 box
‧Clinical trials passed by the Medical Center

|Product Features:
‧The first in Taiwan to pass a clinical trial
‧Guardian of Smooth Channels
‧Exclusively use Nattokinase fermented by Bacillus subtilis "IMR-NKI"
‧Exclusive gastric acid resistant technology, high unit, high activity, high absorption
‧Maintain health, help metabolism, stimulate vitality and energy
‧Plant capsules, suitable for vegetarians
|Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan
極淨源股份有限公司 The first in Taiwan to pass the clinical trial of the medical center
| 500 discount for new menbers.
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