Tai Chi stone four-function dechlorination pressurized water purification shower head|Hot-selling anti-epidemic kit

|Product content:
‧1 mini bath water purifier (including 1 shower head, 1 Japanese filter), 1 Japanese filter
‧1 bottle German patent UC fresh antibacterial mouthwash 500ML
|Environmental protection-reduce environmental pressure, provide replacement parts for long-term use, "except high-end Tai Chi stone".

|Product Features :
‧Global exclusive 【Tai Chi stone patent】Designed for Asian water quality, four filter water purification.
‧High-end Tai Chi stone combines medicine, technology and energy, and won the INCI certification of American cosmetics raw materials.
‧Instant dechlorination 100%, antibacterial silver ion, water saving and pressurization.
‧Small molecule water deep cleansing, moisturizing and beautifying skin.
‧Fashionable aesthetic texture of aerospace metal craftsmanship.
‧22CM portable for home and travel, easy installation in 10 seconds.
‧PETG environmentally friendly material does not contain BPA environmental hormone.
‧All parts can be disassembled, cleaned and replaced.

※The filter is recommended to be replaced every 3-4 months.
|Please adjust the replacement frequency according to the local water quality and the number of users.
※ This product is heat-resistant to 80 degrees. If you want to take a bath, please put cold water first, then hot water.

|Germany UC® Fresh and Antibacterial Mouthwash
|Product Features :
‧Exclusive German patented process, won the international invention gold medal technology.
‧UC® Chlorine Dioxide Patented Antibacterial Technology.
‧30 seconds cleansing and moisturizing protection.
‧360°remove odor and maintain periodontal cleanliness.
‧Alcohol-free, mild and non-irritating to the oral mucosa (for children).
‧Technology recommended by the World Health Organization.
|Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan
極淨源股份有限公司 Designated by oral authority
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