Ultra-micro cleansing deep cleansing towel <2-Piece Set>

|Product content:
‧ i-Beauty Beauty Towel- Pink (Large) 1pc, Beauty Towel (Small) 1pc
|Environmental protection-physical makeup remover, warm water deep makeup remover and exfoliation, reusable

|Product Features:
‧Easy washing in 30 seconds, zero burden
‧100% super micron energy fiber
‧Skin-friendly, soft and meticulous, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic
‧Mild moisturizing removes light makeup
‧Quickly absorb pores, grease and dirt
‧Lightweight and portable, quick to dry and easy to clean
‧Material: 95% polyester fiber, 5% Tai Chi stone nano powder
‧Product specifications: 30*24 CM
※Hand wash or washing machine, dry in the shade
|Excellent sales in department store and cosmeceuticals channels, highly recommended by major Internet celebrities!

‧Short-fiber surface on the front: Lightly rub the skin of the face to remove makeup and make it more translucent
‧The long-fiber surface on the reverse side: the circular method for deep cleansing, and at the same time help metabolize old stratum corneum.
‧Instead of disposable cotton pads, warm water can remove makeup and exfoliate. It is suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin. It can also be used by babies.
‧Exclusively added 5% Tai Chi stone nano powder energy resonance, which can effectively absorb grease and dirt, and the warm feeling enhances the absorption of skin care products
|Material: 95% polyester fiber, 5% Tai Chi stone nano powder
|Product specifications: large 30*24CM, small 15*15 CM
|Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan
極淨源股份有限公司 Remove makeup without burden, 98% repurchase rate
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